Our advanced facility allows us to offer you many services.

Our Services

Family Medicine

Elective and urgent appointments in family medicine for common family health needs.

Minor surgery room

This minor surgery clinic provides services for excision for skin lesions that are not normally covered by the New Brunswick Medicare (ie. uninfected sebaceous cyst, ingrown toenails, etc.)

Education for medical and health students

The Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit is a recognized university training centre of the Université de Sherbrooke, which trains family physicians and residents in their second year of training. Our R2 residents are medical graduates practicing within the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit and in our Bathurst academic centre to complete their training in family medicine. They are under the supervision of physician professors who ensure that all the quality care you deserve is achieved. Often, our students graduate and return to work in the region as family physicians, which benefits the entire population.
Thank you for your cooperation in helping us train the future doctors of our region. Most doctors practicing at the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit went through the New Brunswick francophone medical training program and this has helped build a region that is solid in family medicine.

Teaching Nurse Practitioner

We also provide teaching for nurse practitioners under the supervision of Mrs. Martha Vickers, NP, as a teacher to medical students from undergraduate and pre-doctoral levels.

Infusion Clinic

Several medications require the presence of a nurse for intravenous infusion, including Remicade, Aclasta, Tysabri, etc. In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, we have high-quality protocols to ensure patient safety during these intravenous infusions in our premises. The nurse in charge is Mrs. Maryse McIntyre under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Pierre Arseneau. Maryse can be reached at 548-4994.

Maritime Medical Research Centre

The Maritime Medical Research Centre is a company dedicated to pharmaceutical research in our region. The responsible person is Mrs. Marie-Lyne Belliveau. Many protocols exist for pharmaceutical research (i.e. diabetes, psoriasis, hypertension, etc.). When we need to recruit patients for these research protocols, an advertisement is done in local medias and/or according to pre-established diagnostic criteria. For more information, please call 546-4343.

College of Family Physicians of New Brunswick

The office of the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians is located within the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit. This collaboration enables de coexistence of our provincial organization with a clinical cutting edge in the development of the Medical Home or Family Medicine Centre. To reach the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians, please report to the following number: 548-4707.

Bilingual medical transcription service

This department is responsible for all the medical transcription and translation needs for all the doctors working at the clinic. The transcriptionists also handle all of the administrative correspondance for the clinic.


Since December 1st, 2014,  you can benefit from a blood work service from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. Please note that while we are opened until 3:30, you must obtain a number before 3:00 pm in order to be seen. You can ask the staff or your family doctor for more information on how to proceed.