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    With our state of the art facility and our commitment to continuous
    improvement, the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit is truly a step ahead
    regarding improved medical care.
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As an added service to our website users, we have created a centralized list of all of the important medical-related numbers we could think of. If we have missed any that you think should be added, please let us know by contacting us.

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Hours of Operation

The Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit is proud to serve you.

Monday - Friday : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday : CLOSED

After hours clinic : Monday to Thursday starting at 5:00 pm and Friday (call our office to know the time).

Answering service from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to better serve you.

In collaboration with the services of Tele-Care 811.

Maritime Medical
Research Center

The Maritime Medical Research Centre has been working in the field of medical research since February 2012.  Clinical research is the final stage of the process in developing a new drug. It is at this point that the effectiveness of innovative drugs is studied on humans after testing has been carried out on laboratory animals (preclinical phase).

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An quality experience for our patients is very important to us. Please complete the form below to request an appointment. Once the form has been submitted, one of our receptionists will contact you within 72 hours to confirm and complete your appointment request.


(Please note that this is for NON URGENT APPOINTMENTS ONLY. in the event of an urgent medical matter you should call 911. You can also reach Tele-Care by dialing 811).



Please Note:

The receptionists will answer your request by phone or email within 24 hours of a business day.
Please be advised that if you need an appointment as soon as possible, you should either come at the clinic, call the clinic or call Telecare.

If this is an URGENT matter than you should go to the emergency department as soon as possible or call 911.

About Clinique
Medicale Nepisiguit

The Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit was founded in 1998. The building where we are currently offering our services dates from 2007. The clinic is located at 950 Picot Avenue in Bathurst, New Brunswick. Our business is continually evolving as we strive to continuously improve our services.

The Medical Home concept is essential in the offering of our services. We want our patients to feel at home among us. Our dedicated staff and our team of doctors and nurses strive to provide a fast, efficient and courteous service. The sooner a health problem is noted and taken care of, the faster healing can occur with the least impact to the patient and the society.

We try to offer a same-day service whenever possible. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website and we will of course accept constructive criticism to improve the site.

Family Doctors

  • Dr. Marie-Andrée Arsenault
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Arseneau
  • Dr. Ariane Bouchard
  • Dr. Ève-Marise Boudreau
  • Dr. Natalie Cauchon
  • Dr. Marc-André Doucet
  • Dr. Dominique Godin
  • Dr. Annie Laflamme-Fillion
  • Dr. Anne-Renée Lagacé
  • Dr. Marie-Soleil Lamarre
  • Dr. Lucie Morais
  • Dr. Roxane Pelletier
  • Dr. Martine Thériault
  • Dr. Nathalie White


  • Dr. Mohamed Ashur
  • Dr. Francine Kamba
  • Dr. Roger Kamba
  • Dr. France Lepage

Nurse Practitioner

  • Martha Vickers

Respiratory Therapists

  • Carol Lepage
  • Nancy Rousselle, RRT CRE


  • Vickie Gagnon

Diabetic Nurse

  • Josée-Anne Doucet
  • Josée Tremblay Poirier, BN CDE

New Brunswick College of
Family Physicians

The office of the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians is located within the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit. This collaboration enables the coexistence of our provincial organization with a clinical cutting edge in the development of the Medical Home or Family Medicine Centre. To join the head of the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians, Mrs. Lynda LeRoux, please call the following number : 548-4707.

> Visit the NBCFP Website
The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is the voice of family medicine in Canada. Representing more than 30,000 members across the country, it is the professional organization responsible for establishing standards for the training, certification and lifelong education of family physicians and for advocating on behalf of the specialty of family medicine, family physicians and their patients. The CFPC accredits postgraduate family medicine training in Canada’s 17 medical schools.
For Your Information

For Your Information

The Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit is committed to providing important information to our patients. Please browse our information page to learn more about various ailments, procedures, preventions and more.

We hope that this information will be helpful.

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