Our number one resource is our employees.

Our Staff

Family medicine reception and specialists’ reception
The tasks of the reception staff is to welcome the patients, sort calls and appointments and establish schedules for the doctors and professionals working at the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit. Their work is very important to determine the priorities of patient care. You can reach our receptionists at 506-546-6696 for family physicians and at 506-546-6699 for our specialists.
Archives staff is responsible for scanning all documents that are important to the electronic medical record. They also manage files of non-active patients and of deceased patients as well as the paper file of patients that are still active. We need to scan millions of pages in order to make the transition to the full electronic medical record.
These employees ensure that patients are placed in the proper exam rooms and that they are ready to meet their doctor. They collect requisitions, prepare specimens for the laboratory and help out at the reception.
The administration staff is responsible for quality management, receiving and handling of complaints, accounting, management of the clinic’s computer hardware, medical transcription, translation of documents and management of the New Brunswick francophone medical education for students and residents in medicine.


Billing and IT
These employees do the billing for all medical acts performed by doctors. They manage the electronic medical record computer system. Their role is essential to the proper functioning of the Clinique Médicale Nepisiguit.

Our 3 employees in housekeeping have to ensure the proper functioning of the physical facilities. In addition to the exterior maintenance of lawns, sidewalks, parking, etc., they must take care of the interior maintenance in order to achieve satisfaction for the cleanliness of our exam rooms, our washrooms, our waiting room and our sanitary facilities. They also take care of the sterilization of surgical instruments and any other tasks deemed necessary for the safety and optimal maintenance of the building.
Nursing staff 
The nursing staff works with family physicians to optimize access to customers, to provide better quality care and reduce the waiting time. Many nurses work for different doctors and perform various tasks in order to make your stay at the clinic a profitable and safe experience. We have had the pleasure of working with a nurse practitioner for the last 11 years. We are currently working with staff attached to the Vitalité Health Network; a diabetic teaching nurse, 2 respiratory therapists, 2 phlebotomists and a dietician.